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Billy Wright - Worcester

Latest News & Events

BSMA meeting on 31st August

The weather is looking perfect on the run up to race day! Get booked in with Steve on 07582 671551 for this Sundays racing at Pattingham.   Cotswold are racing at Longdon get booked in with Ruth on 07766797078   Rhayader are holding a practice day in aid of St John and Welsh Air Ambulance(…)

Bridgestone Clubman’s Series Overall

Bridgestone BSMA Clubman’s Championship final round at Penybont , all 30 races completed in good weather throughout the series, it was all down to the clubs giving 100% and helping each other to promote the events. With costs kept to a minimum with concentration of venues and travel cost lower than previous events, the outcome(…)


Keep up to date on all the activities within the BSMA. The Hundreth person to sign up wins a new rear tyre.

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